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Serial Port Control is a Software Developer Kit (SDK) intended for simplification of serial port communication tasks in your projects.

It allows to access COM ports from your application without using complex Win32 Serial Communications API. Just a few lines of code and you will get full control over serial ports.

User-friendly and well-documented API including usage examples make Serial Port Control easy to use even for a novice programmer.

Speed up programming

Add Serial Port Control on a form in your IDE instead of writing huge amount of code from scratch. Your software will be ready to communicate with laboratory instruments, medical equipment, navigational devices, USB-to-serial adapters, modems and other serial devices in minutes.

Event-driven architecture

You don't have to check ports periodically in order to find whether signals have been changed or new data is available for reading from the serial port. Just write a clear and simple event handler for each required event.

All serial ports are under control

Serial Port Control has access to all COM ports in Microsoft Windows system, including port expansion cards, USB-to-serial adapters, infrared, Bluetooth, Firewire or any virtual ports.

Developer API

Developer API is presented in the following forms:

  1. ActiveX/COM
  2. .NET Component
  3. Delphi/C++ Builder Component

The SDK comes with complete documentation, source code examples and components for integration into third-party installers.

Additional Information

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