Let your application control serial ports THE EASIEST WAY.

Native .Net, ActiveX and Delphi support.

The control comes in different forms such as ActiveX control, .Net component and Borland/Builder component. It allows use of native component in different developer environments.

Event driven architecture.

No need to check ports periodically if there is new data. Simply define a function for needed event and process the data.

No programming is required.

Just drop a control on a form in any development environment and compare this to writing thousands of lines of code.

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Case Studies

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Case Studies


September 22, 2014

USB over Network and USB for Remote Desktop have been updated to version 5.0.3 (linux editions to version 5.0.6). Issues with security dongles and devices with the same serial number was fixed.

July 2, 2014

Linux versions of USB over Network and USB for Remote Desktop are both updated to version 5.0.4. Flash drive plugging issue is fixed.

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