CloseCloses previously opened communication port.
OpenOpens specified serial port and sets up its parameters.
SetSettingsFromStringSets serial port settings from the string.
Serial Ports Enumeration
EnumSerialPortsRefreshes information about serial ports and returns their number.
GetSerialPortRetrieves string value of serial port name.
GetSerialPortDescriptionRetrieves string description of serial port.
ReadReads specified number of bytes from serial port.
ReadArrayReads specified number of bytes from serial port to array.
ReadArrayOverlappedPerforms an asynchronous read operation (overlapped) into safe array of bytes.
ReadOverlappedPerforms an asynchronous read operation (overlapped).
WriteWrites specified number of bytes to serial port.
WriteArrayWrites specified number of bytes from array to serial port.
WriteArrayOverlappedPerforms an asynchronous write operation (overlapped) of safe array data.
WriteOverlappedPerforms an asynchronous write operation (overlapped).
Other Methods
CancelIOCancels all pending I/O operations.
FlushForces a write all buffered data for the FIFO and waits for completion.
PurgeQueuePurges input or/and output queue(s).
SetBreakSuspends/restores character transmission.